Video and Animation Case Study: Elevating user experience with virtual reality

Amp it up with virtual reality.

VR headset
When regular reality is not good enough.
From the classroom to the conference room and even to the home office, virtual reality (VR) allows users to experience content in new, fresh immersive ways. Moving beyond 2D, companies can put users into a 3D virtual world that allows users to experience and interact with their product or solution first-hand.
The use cases for VR are endless
VR is a simulated experience that can mirror the real-world or be completely different hyper-realized creative setting that opens up new, innovative ways for companies to connect with their customers. VR exhilarates the senses and puts a user right into the action, by looking around and interacting with a world that can be real or hyper-imagined with a VR headset. Marketing and learning organizations are always looking for fresh, creative solutions to enhance the customer experience and have their offering stand apart from the competition. Instead of passively watching or reading content, a 360° virtual video or interactive virtual app puts the user in the center of it all to interact with the content in a fun 3D environment. Use cases that show demonstrate the possibilities include:
Use Case 1: Exploring a classroom and interacting with its content
Use Case 2: Driving a car and interacting with a new technology solution first-hand
Use Case 3: Deep diving into the body to explore and promote mindfulness
Use Case 4: Taking the usual and making it amazing with a VR marketing experience
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