Video and Animation Case Study: Citi TTS social video marketing

Breaking out of the social media box.

social media engagement illustration
The pandemic changed everything. Conferences were gone, in-person events gone, large meetings gone, so the playing field was leveled in terms of everyone communicating in a similar manner over social channels. Everyone is literally communicating in the same “box”, or rectangle rather, in social media and to help Citi Treasury & Trade differentiate their brand over the competition and pop in social channels, we had to think differently.
Creative Strategy

Thinking different meant saying goodbye to traditional design tactics for social marketing, like static images, and overused stock images.

Breaking out the box meant, first and foremost, providing clarity to the message. Second, employing unique, simple yet bold creative strategies to have the message come to life. And, third, incorporating motion graphics into the creative strategy ensured drawing immediate attention from a viewer when scrolling through a feed.

Of course, aligning to brand standards is essential, but pushing the boundaries to connect creatively with an audience in a fresh, new way is essential for awareness and sales.

Dynamic motion graphics that grab attention
Bringing creativity to asking simple questions
Creative infographics that makes data come alive
Boiling down a simple, competitive advantage
A fun way to request feedback from clients
Bringing creativity to data points
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