Website Case Study: Bluegrass Cavern Popcorn

Creating a website that (literally) pops.

blue grass cavern website

In the small town of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, a local family purchased farmland with the goal of growing organic popcorn. Under the corn fields is one of the largest caves in Kentucky (in the top 2%) and is home to a thriving ecosystem and is a natural habitat for a number of lifeforms.

For the well-being of its customers and for the tiny cave inhabitants that live under the fields, Bluegrass Cavern LLC is committed to organic farming, healthy living, and supporting the environment. It is important for their brand to communicate these values, not only to the Kentucky community, but to an online retail.
Strategic needs
As a startup brand, both online and in-store, Bluegrass Cavern needed a solution to help them easily manage orders and inventory, for both single and bulk orders. The e-commerce platform needed the ability to start lean but scale up without issue as they build brand awareness and generate direct sales from consumers.
blue grass cavern products
“Adventure House is an indispensable partner in the website development process. They listen to their client’s story and goals to form the best information architecture and creative strategy. Adventure House took our requirements into account and provided an excellent solution for Bluegrass Cavern that exceeded our expectations!”
—Marlene Dade, Bluegrass Cavern
eCommerce Platform: Shopify
Adventure House vetted a number of e-commerce platforms but ultimately selected Shopify for its simple, easy to use user interface, robust capabilities, functionality, payment options, lead capture, and growth potential. Their online store is easily managed, simplifies order fulfillment, and is positioned to be the cornerstone for Bluegrass Cavern’s online presence.
Website Strategy
The website needed to capture Bluegrass Cavern’s unique brand identity—including their namesake cave and organic farming origin— while positioning their distinctive products and a seamless connection from order to shipment and delivery, making the user experience with Bluegrass Cavern as delightful as the organic kernels themselves.
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