Are you using animation as a means to express your content?
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5 strategic reasons why you should consider it.

How are you communicating with your audience? Blog posts? Links to articles? Email campaigns? Video interviews? Is that winning you business? Your company has a unique POV and you have about 8 seconds to get someone’s attention. What are you going to do before they scroll away on social media, delete your email, glance over your important message, and move on to a competitor? Using the benefits of animation to express your content will differentiate your brand, make your offering come to life, pop in social, and get attention! Consider the possibilities like…


Making data come alive

Data proof points are expected today to demonstrate results and effectiveness. Make your data come alive with animation and further enhance the dynamic appeal when combined with video footage and/or motion graphics to paint a more dynamic picture.


Using whimsy and fun for brand differentiation

What will differentiate your brand? If you currently use traditional marketing tactics, using whimsical, fun animation to tell a story or demonstrate benefits—even in short social posts—captures the attention of your audience.

Adding creativity to video interviews

If you have an engaging ‘talking head’ video, motion graphics and animation can enhance the video presentation. If, for example, the subject is talking about redesigning a complex process, the video can cut to motion graphics and/or animation that visualizes it making it crystal clear for the viewer to understand.

Creating a world to draw a customer into

When your solution is transforming a customer’s experience, consider showing how it works in the world it’s intended and putting the viewer in the driver’s seat with a self-guided experience or creating a full-blown immersive VR world.

Bending the rules

Break outside of the box, beyond what is normally expected to have your message grab a viewer’s attention on social media. Make the words part of the image story and bring them to life with creative motion graphics that bend the rules of what’s traditionally expected.

The benefits of animation are undeniable. Any of the strategies listed above will help separate your business from the competition, attract customers, and create a brand image that is exciting. Let us help you do exactly that.