Adventure House designs the new website for one of the largest financial institutions in Jamaica.

The JMMB Group was established in Jamaica in 1992 and has 21 locations throughout Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, and the Dominican Republic. They have US$2B in assets and are among the top 5 largest financial institutions in Jamaica, with their headquarters located in the heart of Kingston.

Their key differentiator is centered around a core belief in love and embracing the “greatness” (potential) in all human beings, which is aptly coined in their corporate tagline, “Your Best Interest at Heart.” Seeing themselves as financial coaches, JMMB places a lot of emphasis on partnering with their clients, by providing them with the right financial solutions, financial education and information, as a means to help them achieve their and their families’ financial goals.

Their new website spans the ownership of just under 20 companies over 3 countries and offers and brokers a wide range of financial products and services, from personal and business banking to investment and insurance solutions, as well as money transfer, which allows you to transfer money around the world.

The previous website

In these examples from their previous website, they had inconsistencies over a range of companies and countries:


The new website for JMMB creates a unified brand experience:

JMMB Group Revised Responsive Website


The scope of the project included:

“JMMB relied on Adventure House to provide an excellent framework that created the kind of structured approach that we needed to ensure that our new website was in keeping with both our unique core values as an organisation and the needs of our clients. They delivered a website that not only represented our brand but in a new, fresh way that stood apart from our competitors.”

–Kerry-Ann Stimpson
Group Chief Marketing Officer

New website features at-a-glance:

  • Designed to support a successful sales process, the website serves both as a pre-sales touchpoint as well as a means to capture leads that are sent directly to local sales teams
  • Creation of a brand voice that embraced their core values as well as the consolidation of 1,500+ pages of content over 20 companies and 3 countries into just over 900 pages
  • Clients enter into a portal page with easy access to select the desired country. Countries are represented by flags:JMMB Portal page
  • With a focus on helping first and foremost, it is essential for JMMB to provide clients with financial education and information to help them make smart decisions in everyday life. This was accomplished through their new blog, Dollars & Good Sense:Dollars & Good Sense
  • Structure content by financial goals and life stages:
    Financial goals and life stages page
  • A focus on JMMB brand differentiation—starting with their vision of love for all humanity:"Vision of Love" Messaging and design
  • Creative, bold responsive design and unique typography designed to differentiate from other financial competition:Bold design featuring unique typography
  • A simplified user interface:JMMB Navigation
  • An alerts bar with unique messages tailored to each country:Alerts bar
  • Built on a Drupal content management system (CMS)
  • Custom solution which enables a CMS editor to manage HTML tables in Google Docs
  • Compliance solution which detects hyperlinks between websites and delivers a custom legal disclosure message

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