Quorum Federal Credit Union Website

Multi-award-winning responsive website for a New York-based FCU. Scope included content simplification and consolidation, UI/UX, custom Drupal CMS, responsive HTML development, application forms, and comprehensive back-end development including login and authentication and integration with a number of third-party technology providers.


Case Study

The new Quorum website is a comprehensive, end-to-end redesign intended to deliver a more engaging member experience based on self-service and differentiate the brand in a competitive market.


Previous design

New design by Adventure House

Responsive website design for desktop, tablet, and mobile

Templates were created for large desktop, small desktop, tablet, and smartphone sizes. Because mobile devices are increasingly being used as primary computing devices, we made sure that each responsive layout had a full content experience while still being tailored to the needs of the screen size.

Login and authentication

We employed a tethered login system in which users enter their username on the public site and are taken to the online banking platform for authentication.

Online banking platform theming

Styled third-party online banking platform to accompany the new branding and create continuity in the user experience.

Blog-style news and events feed

We re-envisioned the news and events pages as a blog-style feed that enables the client to publish its own content as well as link out to relevant industry news.


Credit card comparison widget

The credit card comparison widget allows users to select cards for comparison and see a matrix of features side by side. Using this functionality, users can shop, make informed decisions, and apply for cards in one streamlined process.

Custom Balance Transfer Calculator

To accompany the credit card shopping process, we designed a Custom Balance Transfer Calculator which enables users to estimate their potential savings if they transfer their balance to a Quorum card.

New membership application

To fulfill the client emphasis on self-service, we redesigned the new membership application from the ground up to reduce barriers to completion and streamline divergent paths to membership.


Header and navigation

We created supermenus for each major section of the site. They included spotlight ads that can be changed via the CMS. To accompany the full navigation, we developed a task-based header for activities that would be frequent and timely such as finding an ATM or logging in to online banking.


Quorum Federal

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